Is VAT shown on my receipt?

QiQ Communications PTY LTD is an Australian registered business. As such, we have not been charging clients outside of Australia VAT, just our Australian clients GST as required by Australian legislation. 

However, From January 1st 2015, businesses who sell digital products and services to European consumers have to charge VAT at the rate of VAT in the country in which the customer is based, not their own. We are therefore adding VAT at the rate applicable to each country to our prices with effect from 1 January 2015.

These new rules apply to the sale of most digital products and services, and include both web hosting and domain names, as well as software supplied electronically. The addition of VAT is not made for purchases by businesses who are able to supply a valid VAT number at the time of purchase. 

QiQ has registered for the UK VAT Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) to distribute the tax payments to the various governmental departments across the 28 European Member states. Our registration number is EU826410425. 

The current VAT rates (%) are: 

Austria – 20
Belgium – 21
Bulgaria – 20
Croatia – 25
Cyprus – 19
Czech Republic – 21
Denmark – 25
Estonia – 20
Germany – 19
Greece – 23
Hungary – 27
Finland – 24
France – 20
Ireland – 23
Italy – 22
Latvia – 21
Lithuania – 21
Luxembourg – 15
Malta – 18
Netherlands – 21
Poland – 23
Portugal – 23
Romania – 24
Spain – 21
Slovenia – 22
Slovakia – 20
Sweden – 25
United Kingdom – 20

GST at 10% continues to be charged for Australian clients. 

For further information please refer to:

EU Commission Information

UK HMRC Guidance on Supplying Digital Services

How to Register for and Use the VAT Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS)

VAT Rates by Country

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