What is a good password?

It is important to choose good passwords for the security of your information. In order to create a password that cannot be easily guessed, please follow these suggestions:

  • Use a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and other characters.
  • Do not use your username in any way (forwards, reversed, capitals, etc).
  • Do not use words, names or dates or any information that can be easily obtained about you.
  • Passwords should be longer than 6 characters.
  • Use a password that is easy to remember so that you do not have to write it down.
  • A common way to do this is to take the first letter of each word in a sentence. For example: Many Very Excited Martians Jumped Seven Universes and Nine Planets becomes MveMj7u&9p.

Due to a number of clients having insecure passwords, our control panel has undergone a security upgrade which means our system now generates secure passwords.

This has been a necessary implementation, and unfortunately, there is no longer the option for clients to choose their own passwords. 

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