IP Address Ublocking

If you enter a password incorrectly (email or control panel) a number of times a QiQ server *may* block your IP address. Your IP address is your computers numerical address on this internet. Your IP address can be viewed at http://www.qiq.host/ip
IP address blocking occurs to protect the content on the QiQ server. For example, a hacker attempting to guess your email account password would have their IP address blocked after a few incorrect guess attempts.
If your IP address is blocked by a QiQ server, your computer will be unable to view your hosting account other users will be able to still see your site. You can test to see if just your IP address has been blocked or if your website is down for everyone at http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com. If the site is just down for you, it may be your IP address is blocked. 
How to unban your IP address
From time to time a client may be unable to access email and/or view their website. This may be caused by a server being unavailable or their IP address being blocked. 
1. You can establish if a server is down by visiting http://qiqstatus.com
2. If the server is not down, it most likely means their IP address is blocked. you can view your IP address at www.qiq.host/ip

3. Login to the QiQ Billing system at http://www.qiq.support
4. Once logged in: Select My Services
IP unblocking
5. Click “Unban Center”
IP Unblock
6. On the next screen choose the product that is blocked.
IP Unblock
7. On the next screen enter the IP address to be unblocked. By default the system will enter the public  IP address of the computer browsing to this page. You will need to over key this with your IP address if you are accessing from a different network.
IP Unblock
8. Finally you will get a message displaying if the IP has been successfully removed on both the CSF (Firewall) or cPHulk blocking lists. 
IP Unblock

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