Password Changes and Resets

If you are unable to access FTP, Please read here

To change or reset your hosting password (note that the hosting control panel and client area use different details to log in, these instructions change the hosting control panel password only, NOT the client area password,)

1. Log in to your client area via the QiQ portal at either

UK Clients

AU Clients

If you can not remember your password to access the client area, you can request a password reset for the client area only at:

UK Clients:

AU clients:

If the client area reset password email is not reaching you, check your spam folder.  If it is still not there, contact us.

2. Once you have successfully logged in your client area, select the "Services" menu at the top and then click the "My Services" menu.


3. Click the "More Information" button next to the hosting package you wish to change the password for, and then click "Change Password" from the sub menu.

4. Enter your new password.

IMPORTANT: QiQ do not accept responsibility for compromised accounts so it is essential you use a password that is as strong as possible,  so you should use a mixture of letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other characters (e.g. !, %, $)

DO NOT USE THE "&" sign.

You MUST make sure the password strength indicator reads "Strong" for your selected password otherwise your new password will not be accepted.

5. Confirm your new password.

6. Click the Save button.

You can access your hosting control panel direct from within the client area by selecting the "login to Control Panel" link just above where you have entered your password without needing to enter a hosting password, or visit the link given to you in "your hosting account is ready" email.




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