How do I publish my web pages using FrontPage?

PLEASE NOTE: ACCOUNTS PRE MARCH 2009 NO LONGER SUPPORT FRONT PAGE EXTENSIONS. Please see the following knowledgebase article HERE.

For other hosting accounts if you have FrontPage extensions installed on your server, you MUST follow the details below. You should not FTP your site to your server as this is likely to cause corruptions in the extensions.

Make sure you have a connection to the internet. (Usually this is through a dial up connection with your ISP.)

Open Microsoft FrontPage from your Start menu.

Open the FrontPage web that you wish to publish.

Click the FILE menu button, and choose 'Publish FrontPage Web'.

Enter your web address as and then click the OK button.

FrontPage will now contact the server.
Enter your username and Password when prompted. These were provided in your welcome e-mail.

If there are no problems then FrontPage will now publish your site to the web.
If you just want to send the pages you have changed since you last updated, please remember to tick the 'publish changed pages only' box when publishing.

If by entering you find you are unable to complete the publishing, please enter your web address in the format of

Note: You will only be able to publish using the domain name (not the IP address) so you will need to make sure the domain name is fully propagated and working correctly.

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