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There are two approaches to this:

1. A simple way to get your account to support more than one domain
2. An advanced way to get your account to support more than one domain

and the easiest option which is to open one hosting account for each domain. Yes it means more accounts but the main benefit is providing users with for full and easy control over account configuration.


You can probably arrange with your domain name provider to point a domain to a specific directory on your web hosting account.

For example you could arrange for to point to, to point to etc

Please note, this method does not give you the ability to configure email for the account with your QiQ hosting account. You would need to configure your email with your domain name provider.


We can implement what is called domain mappings for you.

A domain mapping will forward any traffic from one domain to another. For example, whilst your main domain could be www.main-domain.COM, we could route any visitors to www.maindomain.CO.UK to the content on The address in the browser address bar would continue to show as

We can only map to the ROOT directory of a web site, not individual directories. It is possible for you to add a .htaccess file to your root directory to direct visitors to other parts of your hosting account if preffered. This method is for advanced users, if in doubt we would recommend setting up one hosting account for each domain.

PLEASE NOTE:� FOR ACCOUNTS PRIOR TO MARCH 2009 we charge a fee of �5.00 per year for each domain mapping set up. Domain mapping gives you full email facilities with the mapped domain that can be configured via the control panel.

FOR CPANEL ACCOUNTS (after March 2009) :� You can map a second domain name by simply parking the second name in your control panel and pointing the nameservers of that domain to match the primary domain.� You will need to change the nameservers first before attempting to park.� This option requires no forwarding, just parking, and there is no charge.

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