Why am I unable to log into cpanel, log into mail, or log into FTP?

For accounts after March 2009 (cpanel users)

If you are unable to log into cpanel at http://www.yourdomainname.com/cpanel, or log into mail or FTP either - in other words you are experiencing failure on all ervices combined, the most likely cause is your IP has been temporarily blocked by our firewall.  When you are blocked by our firewall, you will keep getting the username/password prompt box when trying to access any services, such as mail, FTP, hosting panel.

Your IP can be temporarily blocked when there are 5 failed login attempts at once, either via http or via FTP or SSH or Mail.  This is released after an hour.  If you do not wish to wait an hour, you will need to do a ping test to your website and also visit http://www.qiq.co.uk/ip.php and raise a ticket with us letting us know the result of the ping test and your IP address.

Details of how to do a ping test can be found in our knowledgebase at HERE

During IP blocks, your email, FTP or SSH will be unavailable to only you or anyone using the same network in your building, as it is only the blocked IP on the network/machine being used who will not be able to gain access to services.


Please note:  The IP block is only likely if you cannot access any of the above services combined.  The TEMP IP block lasts for one hour, after which your IP is released.


If you receive a "Brute Force Lock" message, or the problem does not go after an hour, this means you or your mail program has made repeated attempts to access your account even after the initial block has been placed, and once attempts reach 10, a brute force lock is put in place automatically by our firewall to protect your account, as our firewall is unable to determine if you are an actual client as it blocks by IP.  Again, only the IP that is attempting to log in with incorrect details or floods the server with pings will be locked out.

A brute force lock means you will need to contact our support as only our administrators can remove your IP from the firewall (unlike the initial TEMP one hour block above, where the IP is automatically removed after an hour.)


Finally, if our administrators are not available to remove your IP from any firewall lock, if you have a dynamic IP you can try rebooting your router a few times to get a new IP.  You can check your IP before and after rebooting at http://www.qiq.com.au/php/company_ip.php


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